A Few Things That Everyone Can Do To Get More Organized

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tips to get organized

In order to live a happy and successful life and be more productive, you have to find a way to organize your life in a way which will help you optimize the time you have. Even though modern people keep complaining how they don’t have time to do anything, the truth is that there are a few things that they can do to get more organized and ultimately get the time they need. In this way, they will become happier and more successful. So, here’s what you can do to achieve this goal.


First of all, it was proven numerous times that the human brain is much more efficient when there’s less clutter on it. To put it simply, think of your brain as a computer. If there are unwanted files and folders in it, the computer will work slowly.  Take some time to clean the desk or the places in your home that are filled with stuff that you don’t need. It’s a good idea to create a to-do list before you start these activities.

Consider your priorities

Next, you should think about the things that must be managed first. Is there anything that’s more important? Are there some tasks that are more time-consuming and energy-draining than others? Identify your priorities and work on them. Coping with the most important tasks and finishing them will energize you and give you the motivation to go on.

Organize your items

Every item found in your home or office has a micro-home. Select a suitable home for every item. Think about the places which will save you time in the future, make everything more convenient and the places that make sense. Obviously, there’s no sense in storing printing paper in the bathroom right? You should keep the things that belong to one category in one place.

Treat yourself right

According to some experts, it’s always a good idea to take small breaks every 90-120 minutes. This is the time that you can use to re-energize and rejuvenate. Treat yourself right and find time to feel good about the things you’ve achieved. When you notice how good you feel, you will find inspiration to go on.

Use systems

Once you find and build a home for an item, be it office supplies or shoes in your home, inform the rest of the people who are working or living with you. In addition, de-clutter these new “homes” whenever possible.


Why should I get organized?

People who are well-organized can boost their productivity, live healthier and happier lives and achieve their goals faster. These facts apply to both professional and personal lives.

Should I do things spontaneously?

Even though it sounds interesting, it’s way better to set priorities when you want to finish your tasks. In this way, you will accomplish your goals faster.

Should I take breaks?

Of course. By taking breaks people can relax and think about the things they’ve achieved. This will give them a motivation to continue doing whatever they are doing.

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