Our Story


Our Story.

Sabrina Medyanikov is from Oregon and has been working in a sales capacity for the past seven years. Her parents immigrated to the United States in the late 80’s and like many immigrants were ready to achieve the “American Dream”. Her father taught himself English and shortly after moving from Russia opened up a janitorial service cleaning company, after that came a number of other small businesses. As a result, Sabrina grew up helping in any way she could with her fathers businesses, from cleaning offices, to working at her fathers coffee shop, and was drawn to the idea of owning her own business one day.


She found that a career in sales matched her strengths and loved the income potential. Sabrina shares, "I have always loved journaling, and was taught early on to write out my life goals, and daily to-do lists. So when I started looking for a planner with a sales person in mind, I was surprised there was nothing on the market. I quickly saw an opportunity and hired a designer to design something for me. I shared the idea with a few colleagues and was surprised at their genuine interest. I am excited for the Sales Professional Planner to help others in this industry, and look forward to seeing it grow and improve as I get feedback from others".

Sabrina currently lives with her husband Dmitry in Keizer, Oregon and is still working as an Area Director for the company she has worked with for the past four years. Keep an eye out for additional tools and products for the sales professional coming soon!

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