Run The Day Or The Day Runs You.


The Sales Professional Planner helps you get into the habits that lead to success.

You’re a busy sales professional or business owner. So that means you are busy all the time! This planner is designed in a way to help you focus on the monthly and weekly revenue generating activity that allows us to live the lifestyles we want. At the beginning of each month you will see pages to chart your averages, your sales goals, your dreams, and the action steps necessary to get there. The weekly view gives you space to make daily calls, schedule your appointments, and review your week and sales that were made. At the end of each month, you’ll be asked to evaluate your month. How empowering is it to know that we can control the outcome of each day, with the work and preparation we put in.



Dream it and believe it. If you’ve thought of it, that reality is there waiting for you to realize it. Writing down your goals and dreams with an actual pen and actual paper does something - and seeing your own handwriting has shown to boost memory and the ability to understand concepts and facts. In the case of goal setting, and writing down exactly what you want, writing these things down is the first step! This planner has plenty of space for you to do just that.



So you know what you want now, down to the dollar amount. So reverse-engineer the process to get there. This planner walks you through exactly how to do that. Knowing your averages, and the amount of sales you need to get to your next goal, will help you keep your mind on the right activity.



You know the numbers now. You’ve written them down. The Sales Pro Planner’s weekly view allows you to keep your leads list, daily appointment schedule, tasks and motivational tips in front of you regularly. All designed to help you keep up the healthy habits needed for great results.

Our Story.

Sabrina Medyanikov is from Oregon and has been working in a sales capacity for the past seven years. Her parents immigrated to the United States in the late 80’s and ike many immigrants were ready to achieve the “American Dream”. Her father taught himself English and shortly after moving from Russian opened up a janitorial service cleaning company...
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The planner is like a traditional yearly planner, but with sections that someone in sales of business can benefit from. Chart your yearly, quarterly, & monthly goals. At the beginning of each month you will see a dot graph to write out or draw out your dreams. Plan out how many sales you need and the activity you need to do to achieve them. The weekly view allows you to create a fresh leads list. The end of the month reflections prompts you to reflect on how your month went and which areas you need to improve on.

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